After the Draw

Now it is time to use your player reading skill to the maximum. What you want to do is to extract the maximum number of bets when you have the best of it and save as many bets as possible when you don’t, stealing a few pot along the way.

The basic betting hand after the draw is kings up, but you must modify that a lot by the action you saw before the draw and how many cards your opponents took and how many opponents you face. Beware of one card draws, when you see one you must ask yourself if your opponent is on a draw or if he is playing trips or two pair, if you think he is on a draw proceed with caution. The reason why you should be reluctant to bet into a drawing hand is that if they miss they will never call you anyway, but if they hit they will always raise.

Heads up situations

It can be a bit tricky to play heads up, say that both players take tree cards. Each player has now 30% chance to improve provided that he started with a pair. If you for example are heads up against a very weak tight player you can bet almost every hand, he will only call if he is sure to have you beat and that will not happen too often. Against a habitual bluffer however you should almost never bet, let him do the betting but be sure to call him with marginal hands. Pay attention to how your opponents play, with what hands are the willing to call, what hands do the need to raise, when do they fold. Use the information to adjust your betting calling and raising in order to extract the maximum profit.